Best IVF Centre in Kolkata With High Success Rate in 2024

At Natural Hope Fertility Centre we realize that the dream to start a family has been so vivid and inconceivable to some people. Our dedication to offering the premier (in-vitro fertilization) IVF treatment in Kolkata is because we want to give a helping hand and control to those having challenges with infertility to fight off their problems.

The services rendered in our center are among the best in the field with an exceptionally equipped state-of-the-art infrastructure and are carried out under the experts’ supervision including the highly skilled and compassionate fertility specialists to provide a range of advanced IVF treatments personally designed to meet your unique needs. According to the most advanced techniques state of the art which we still use we may achieve very good results. Such as individualized drug therapy, embryo transfer procedures to the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and preimplantation genetic testing.

At Natural Hope Fertility Clinic we consider going through fertility therapy to be a team effort; a process shared not only by the couple but by all the professionals participating in it. When our extraordinary counselors and coordinators are concerned, you have someone at your side to help you navigate the rough waters, providing you with a soothing environment, money guidance, and emotional support.

Attest your life’s long-awaited miracle through the means of an unparalleled IVF clinic. Get your fertility analyzed by us, the Best IVF Centre in Kolkata, and the first step towards having your child is achievable.

What is IVF?

IVF is the most advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that marked a tremendous change in what had been seen earlier as the only resort to treat infertility. It involves retrieving eggs from a woman and injecting them with the necessary sperm so that they can be incubated in the laboratory site before it is transferred back into the woman’s uterus. This enables the chance of a child to be involved in a new development outside the body, where those enduring issues, including particularly, blocked fallopian tubes, and low sperm count, as reproductive issues are given hope of having a child biologically. Supported by constant medical and technological breakthroughs, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) has become one of the most popular and successful options for achieving highly accomplished results as far as the purposes of pregnancy are concerned. An IVF procedure was a godsend for most expectant mothers through which they adequately addressed the problems of infertility.

Understanding the IVF Process in Kolkata

The IVF process in Kolkata generally follows these steps:-

  • Initial Consultation: This involves meeting with a fertility expert to speak about your medical history, infertility analysis, and remedy options.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Various checks could be carried out to assess your fertility capability and decide the motive of infertility.
  • Ovarian Stimulation: Medications are used to stimulate the ovaries to provide more than one egg.
  • Egg Retrieval: A minor surgical procedure is executed to collect mature eggs from the ovaries.
  • Sperm Retrieval: A semen sample is gathered from the male companion.
  • Fertilization: The eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory setting to facilitate fertilization.
  • Embryo Culture: The fertilized eggs are monitored and cultured in controlled surroundings.
  • Embryo Transfer: One or greater wholesome embryos are carefully inserted into the lady’s uterus.
  • Pregnancy Test: A being pregnant test is performed some weeks after the embryo transfer.
Best IVF Centre in Kolkata
Best IVF Centre in Kolkata

Why Consider IVF in Kolkata?

Kolkata boasts a vibrant medical scene with a range of highly qualified fertility specialists and state-of-the-art clinics. Here are some reasons to consider IVF in Kolkata:

Experienced Professionals: Kolkata has a rich medical history, and many fertility specialists boast extensive experience and success rates.

Advanced Technology: Leading clinics utilize cutting-edge technology to personalize treatment plans and maximize success rates.

Affordable Options: Compared to other major Indian cities, Kolkata can offer cost-effective IVF options. This affordability makes it a viable option for many couples.

Here is a List of the Best IVF Centre in Kolkata in 2024:-

1. Natural Hope Fertility Centre (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Natural Hope Fertility
Natural Hope Fertility Centre (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Welcome to the Natural Hope Fertility Centre, acclaimed as the top-of-the-line IVF Centre in Kolkata, wherein dreams of parenthood end up fact. Our center stands at the forefront of reproductive medicine, supplying contemporary infertility services to couples suffering to conceive.

With a compassionate and skilled crew of fertility specialists, embryologists, and guide personnel, we offer customized care tailored to every individual’s wishes. From comprehensive fertility opinions to superior remedies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and egg freezing, we attempt to empower our sufferers on their journey to parenthood.

At Natural Hope, we accept as true with fostering wish, resilience, and optimism, guiding our sufferers towards the pleasure of constructing their households. Join us as we embark on this transformative voyage in the direction of a brighter, greater hopeful future.

2. Nova IVF Fertility (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Welcome to Nova IVF Fertility, an international chief in fertility excellence and an incredibly specialized middle for fertility treatment in Kolkata. Nova IVF Fertility, the IVF headquarters inside the town, affords couples desiring to emerge as mother and father with leading generation and emotional guide to experience relaxation.

Our institution of pretty-educated reproductive experts, embryologists, and an administrative group of workers are ready to develop a customized treatment application for each affected person, after our thorough evaluation of their particular needs. Together with our maximum recent improvements in assisted reproductive technology, our present-day hospital is designed to uphold the highest level of individual well-being and fulfillment inside the field of replica.

It’s commonplace information that infertility is a heavy burden that includes a strong emotional thing and we at Nova IVF Fertility attempt to be a trusted best friend that walks with you through the whole journey. Trust Nova IVF Fertility to be your relied-on companion in the process of enlarging your own family.

3. Indira IVF (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Indira IVF is acclaimed because the top-of-the-line IVF middle in Kolkata stands as a beacon of wish for couples fighting infertility. With a legacy of excellence and innovation, Indira IVF offers a complete range of assisted reproductive remedies, meticulously tailor-made to each individual’s desires.

Boasting brand-new facilities and a team of specially skilled specialists, the Middle is committed to presenting compassionate care and accomplishing amazing achievement costs in fertility treatments. Founded on the ideas of compassion, ethics, and the contemporary era, Indira IVF prioritizes an affected person’s well-being.

Its popularity as the first-class IVF middle in Kolkata is underscored by using a music file of limitless fulfillment memories and satisfied households. Guided by way of an undertaking to satisfy the desires of parenthood, Indira IVF continues to set the usual for excellence in reproductive healthcare within the location.

4. IHR Kolkata (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Welcome to IHR Kolkata, renowned as the top-quality destination for present-day IVF treatment in Kolkata. At IHR, we mix advanced clinical information with compassionate care to fulfill the desires of parenthood for countless families.

With a team of distinctly skilled fertility specialists and state-of-the-art facilities, we offer personalized remedy plans tailor-made to each individual’s wishes. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has earned us recognition as the Best IVF Center in Kolkata.

Whether you are exploring fertility options or seeking assistance along your adventure to theory, our devoted group is right here to offer comprehensive guidance and steering each step of the way. Experience the difference at IHR Kolkata, where desire meets possibility.

5. Sparsha Infertility Centre (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Sparsha Infertility Center is a medical facility that you should be part of when you are on the journey of parenthood. Additionally, the specificity of the given sentence can be increased with the word “patients” that were stated in the sentence’s original version. This saraswati hospital births 4500 infertility patients overcoming and 15000 undergoing surgeries. This fertility centre has made the joy of the parents fortunate who have been dreaming of their child throughout their lives – 20000 pairs.

This fertility centre affords quality fertility treatment to patients in the style of the globe. This style of treatment accommodates the latest research, inventive approaches, and top-quality working practices. Sparsha Infertility Centre is a one-stop Infertility Centre with a large gamut of infertility treatments like- IVF, IUI, ICSI, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, TESA, Cryopreservation, etc. This Fertility clinic has experienced fertility specialists who work ahead and strive their best to provide the most effective treatment.

At Sparsha Infertility Centre, you can affordably access high-end treatments within the framework of affordability. This is when it excels by giving powerful effects even in the case of high profile. The first and last names of this fertility centre are popular for being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, improved success rate, and ranking nurses and doctors among talented and experienced professionals. The success rate of the hospital earned a well-deserved reputation due to 3000 IVF cycles in Kolkata which it has so far completed. The priority of this fertility centre is to give somehow softer charities during the IVF journey.

6. Genome Fertility Centre (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Genome Breeding Center is one of the largest breeding centers in Eastern India. The center has over 18 years of installation reliability. Genome Fertility Center handles infertility issues for patients. The breeding center is located in several places in Kolkata.

This fertility center is dedicated to meeting the needs of infertile couples. The mission of this maternity center is to support and facilitate patients with the help of ART. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) stands for assisted reproductive technology. This maternity center offers patients affordable pricing and transparent care.

This fertility center offers various fertility treatments like counseling, IUI, Altruistic surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, etc. In addition, it also offers other services such as laparoscopy, blastocyst culture, TESE, sperm donation, bank grants, embryo cryopreservation, frozen embryo transfer, and PGD, etc. 17000+ in this fertility center Have performed live births, 35000+ pregnancies, 70k, and IVF/ICSI procedures.

7. Cradle Fertility Centre (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Cradle Fertility Centre was established back in 2014. So, it delivered remarkable IVF treatment that makes it the Best IVF Clinic in Kolkata. The hospital has gained an environment of appraisal for its superb services by dedicating its time to providing top-class therapies.

Proudly having branches in 4 different parts of India, Cradle Fertility Centre has been a source of happiness for more than 5000 patients through a team of competent professionals and high-quality service. The centre is well-equipped with the latest technology and has a team of more than eleven top-notch medical doctors who offer a plethora of infertility treatments that include IVF, IUI, and ICSI, among others, and hysteroscopic surgeries as well.

Apart from the medical services rendered, the centre’s culture is one of providing unflagging support and customized treatment plans, customizing the path to parenthood keeping in mind an individual’s emotional needs and the possibility of conception.

8. Care IVF Centre (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Welcome to Care IVF Centre, the premier destination for fertility treatments in Kolkata. We specialize in catering to couples worldwide, offering a comprehensive range of services including IVF, ICSI, frozen embryo transfer, and more. With a commitment to excellence, our industry-leading expertise ensures a success rate that surpasses other fertility centers.

At Care IVF Centre, cutting-edge techniques such as DNA fragmentation index and micro TESE are employed, alongside personalized care from our experienced fertility doctors.

We understand the financial challenges many face, which is why we offer affordable treatment options and flexible EMI plans for those in need. Join us on the journey towards parenthood with Care IVF Centre, where every step is guided by compassion and innovation.

9. Bavishi Pratiksha Fertility Institute (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Welcome to Bavishi Pratiksha Fertility Institute, the one-stop shop for fertility solutions in Siliguri. Through our meritorious recognition and commitment to affordability, we serve fertility issues with great compassion and advanced medical treatment.

Our modern-day IVF laboratory, by the hands of high professionals, provides unique and effective treatment. Our Bavishi Pratiksha team of highly skilled OBGYNs and infertility specialists is dedicated to helping you realize your dream of becoming a parent.

The range of our services is wide and includes IVF, surrogacy, IUI, gynecological processes, as well as a lot more, but all of them are designed to meet your requirements at the most cost-effective price. Whether it is a blastocyst switch, egg or sperm donation, or other advanced techniques like ICSI and PGD, we will go by your side to the parenthood path with both knowledge and empathy.

10. Institute of Human Reproduction (Best IVF Centre in Kolkata)

Founded in 1980, now the Human Fertility Center has become a bright sign of hope for sterile couples in Kolkata and other districts. Also known as the top IVF center in Kolkata, it caters to patients with treatment methods such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, and surrogacy.

A collaborative effort of more than 40 years is behind the foundation that has brought gratification to many people. The not-for-profit group with the support of a team of highly reputed doctors evaluates the difficulties that confront the infertile couples to find out the appropriate measures. While on the other hand, the organization strives to mollify patients even as it works tirelessly, so the patients feel comfortable.

The percentage of success, which varied between 60% to 75%, illustrates the intensity of her dedication to turning the dream of parenthood into reality for other people. Human Fertility Center is not just a fertility center; it is a sanctuary of hope, compassion, and knowledge, which is here to enlighten you and start a new chapter of parenthood for every couple that comes with this desire.

Cost of IVF in Kolkata

The Cost of IVF in Kolkata can vary depending on several elements, inclusive of the fertility hospital, the precise methods required, and any extra tests or medicinal drugs wished. On average, an unmarried cycle of IVF in Kolkata can cost between ₹1.5 lakhs to ₹3.5 lakhs. This charge variety includes the price of medications, consultations, and the IVF method itself. Some clinics might also provide package deals that include multiple cycles, which can help lessen the overall value. It’s essential to word that the success fee of IVF can also affect the very last cost, as additional cycles may be required. Prospective patients should talk with neighborhood fertility experts to achieve a more accurate estimate primarily based on their circumstances.

Here’s a costing table for various IVF treatments in Kolkata:-

IVF TreatmentsCost Range in Kolkata (INR)
IVF or ICSI60,000 to 1,50,000
IUI10,000 to 15,000
TESA30,000 to 40,000
Laser Assisted Hatching15,000 to 25,000
Blastocyst Embryo Transfer25,000 to 40,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer45,000 to 60,000
Semen Analysis500 to 1,000
Laparoscopic45,000 to 70,000
Hysteroscopy15,000 to 30,000

These costs are indicative and may vary depending on factors such as the clinic’s reputation, the expertise of the medical team, and additional services required.

What is the Success rate of IVF in Kolkata?

The Success rate of IVF treatment in Kolkata can vary depending on numerous elements, including the age of the patient, the underlying fertility troubles, and the information of the fertility sanatorium. On common, the fulfillment fee of IVF in Kolkata is around 75% – 80% consistent with the cycle. This method that for each 100 IVF cycles accomplished, approximately 75 – 80 couples can anticipate attaining a a hit pregnancy. It’s vital to be aware that the fulfillment charge can be better or lower depending on individual occasions. Younger patients, those with fewer fertility problems, and people who go through remedies at reputable fertility clinics with experienced professionals tend to have higher success fees. Patients should speak about their precise scenario with a fertility specialist to get an extra correct estimate of their possibilities of success.

IVF Clinic in Kolkata
IVF Clinic in Kolkata

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Best IVF Centre in Kolkata

Selecting the right IVF centre is crucial for maximizing your chances of success and ensuring a positive experience. Here are some key factors to consider:-

Success Rates: Find a centre that is tallying its survival rates well and displays it on its website or any other reported by the association in medical journals. Notwithstanding the unwavering appearances of success rates, the lessons learned remained a representation of technical excellence in the centre.

Experience and Qualifications of the Fertility Team: Your IVF journey is dependent on the experience of your technology, doctors, embryologists, nurses, and clinicians. You should instead try to figure out the availability of centres with a team of skilled and experienced professionals which is certified after the process by credible organizations such as the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).

Technology and Infrastructure: Improved technology means a lot in the implementation of IVF, as this is one of the most important factors. The centre should be high-tech, meaning that it should have the latest technological infrastructure, namely, sophisticated labs, incubators, and diagnostic tools.

Treatment Options and Customization: All couples who pursue the fertility path have their own experiences. The top-notch IVF centre not only will auxiliary the IUI process as the first line of treatment, but also will deliver the most effective sperm retrieval techniques, PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), and blastocyst transfer among others. They will also have to personalize the care they provide you by assessing your individual needs, state of health, and other pertinent details.

Cost Transparency: How IVF costs significantly differ from one clinic or patient to another will be illustrated based on several important factors. Preferably, pick up a centre with lay down how much it will take before your visit and financial arrangements.

Patient Support and Communication: Indeed the physical health of the patients is not the only issue. Among these factors is a centre with robust patient advocacy as well as clear communication during the treatment process.


In Conclusion, the Best IVF Centre in Kolkata, Natural Hope Fertility Centre, shines brightly as a beacon of desire for couples navigating the challenging journey of infertility. With its unwavering dedication to excellence, compassionate care, and current technology, Natural Hope Fertility Centre stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation in the area of reproductive medication. Its brilliant achievement prices, coupled with a legacy of fulfilled desires and glad families, solidify its function as a depended-on leader in fertility treatments. As it keeps paving the manner for groundbreaking advancements and personalized care, Natural Hope Fertility remains steadfast in its challenge to convey the joy of parenthood inside attain for all individuals who are seeking it. Contact us these days at Phone No: +91 8882163218 or Email:

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