Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri: A Guide to Costs and Considerations

At Natural Hope Fertility Centre, we understand the profound desire to build a family. For intended parents facing challenges in conceiving a child on their own, surrogacy offers a beacon of hope. Siliguri, with its developing medical infrastructure and fertility centers, is emerging as a viable option for couples seeking surrogacy. However, navigating the financial aspects of this journey can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide explores the Cost of Surrogacy in Siliguri, unpacking the factors that influence it, and providing valuable pointers for making informed decisions.

Understanding Surrogacy in Siliguri

Surrogacy in Siliguri follows the gestational method, the most common form practiced in India. In this process, a surrogate carries a pregnancy created with the intended parents’ embryos (eggs and sperm) or donor gametes through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The surrogate has no genetic link to the baby.

Siliguri offers Several Advantages for Surrogacy:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to bigger metro cities, surrogacy costs in Siliguri tend to be lower.
  • Developing Infrastructure: Fertility clinics in Siliguri are equipped with advanced technology and experienced professionals.
  • Compassionate Care: Clinics prioritize personalized attention and ethical practices throughout the surrogacy journey.
Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri
Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri

Types of Surrogacy:- 

Basically there are two types of Surrogacy: Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy: The surrogate mother uses her eggs and artificially inseminated sperm from the intended father or a donor in this method. In simple terms, the surrogate mothers is the genetic parent of the baby. Traditional Surrogacy is also called {Partial} and {Genetic} surrogacy. (Noted – It’s fully banned in India)

Those who can claim Traditional Surrogacy:-

  • Single Man
  • Same – Sex male couple
  • A mother who can’t produce healthy Eggs

Gestational Surrogacy: This method is completed Via In – Vitro fertilization {IVF} using the Eggs and sperm of the intended parent then the fertilized embryo is transferred to the surrogate. Gestational surrogacy is also Called a {Host} and {Full surrogacy}. It is legal in India. Gestational Surrogacy packages cost around 10 to 15 lakhs.

Those who can claim the Gestational Surrogacy:- 

  • Single parent
  • Same – Sex couple
  • A person who suffers from infertility

Why Choose Natural Hope Fertility Centre?

  • Well-Experienced Medical Team: At Natural Hope Fertility Centre, our team of top-notch highly trained, and qualified reproductive medicine practitioners is one of our main strengths. The members of our fertility team boast years of experience, during which they have helped individuals and couples struggling with infertility and overcome these difficulties, offering individualized care and support.
  • Advanced Labs and First-Class Technology: Our clinic facilities are modern and in compliance with the most critical standards of medicine regarding laboratory diagnostics and treatment methodologies. We make sure to be creative and continuously catch up with the latest developments to get the most favorable result for our patients.
  • Affordable Treatment: We recognize that families seeking fertility treatment can be economically strained. We have come up with inexpensive ways of treatment process without reducing the level of professionalism. Our pricing is transparent and made convenient through flexible payment plans, thus making fertility therapy affordable to everyone.
  • Loan or Legal Facility Available: Our clinic also gives extra support to our patients through loan funds or court procedures. We understand the legalities regarding fertility treatments that taking place and can assist with these expectations to make the process seamless as as possible.
  • High Success Rates: Whether it is our new product promotions that got everyone talking, our educational courses that made a positive impact on people’s lives, or our volunteer programs that went above expectations, our track record speaks for itself. Our Fertility Center specializes in boosting the chances of successful IVF using techniques backed by evidence. Proudly we address the nearest needs of our patients by providing various remedies in our advanced fertility treatments that have been proven to be both exhaustive and effective.
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Surrogacy in Siliguri

Factors Affecting Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri

The Cost of Surrogacy in Siliguri is not a one-size-fits-all figure. Several factors influence the overall expense:

  • IVF Cycles Required: Multiple IVF cycles might be necessary to achieve a successful embryo transfer, impacting the cost. Factors like age, medical history, and egg/sperm quality can influence the number of cycles needed.
  • Surrogate Compensation and Expenses: This includes the surrogate’s monthly allowance, maternity healthcare, potential complications coverage, and other living expenses during pregnancy.
  • Medical Procedures: Costs associated with medications, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), embryo freezing, and other medical interventions can vary depending on individual needs.
  • Legal and Documentation Fees: Legal consultations, drafting of agreements, and administrative processes incur costs.
  • Agency Fees: If you choose to work with a surrogacy agency, their service fees will be factored into the overall cost.

    Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri

    Seek affordable surrogacy services in Siliguri at Natural Hope Fertility Centre. Our surrogacy costs start at just 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs, therefore, parenthood dreams are within grasp for everyone. We are here with our transparent billing and compassionate service every step of the way as we guide you in this journey. Rely on our professional team for personalized help and cutting-edge facilities which will maximize your chances of reaching your goals. Get in touch with us today for more information about Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri and begin your journey to a family of your own.

    The price effect high or low by the following Factors:-

    • Success Rates: The fertility clinics’ laboratory success rate is one of the most important parameters in setting the surrogacy costs. Clinics that witness higher success rates might charge more due to their reputations and the accomplishments that they have reached in assisting women to get pregnant.
    • Ultrasounds: The better the surrogate technology is and the greater the number of ultrasounds required during the surrogacy process, the higher the costs will be. Additional ultrasounds can lead to greater expenditures because the cost of the equipment needed to use them is high, and specialized skills must be applied.
    • Embryo Transfer: The surrogate paid services during the procedure including outlay for medical devices, salary, and service center expenditures. Concerning the complexity and number of embryo transfers, they will be a significant factor in surrogacy costs in the final analysis.
    • Lab Facilities: The laboratory facilities upgrade gives first-rate and outstanding capacities that can highly affect the costs of surrogacy Centres. Proper advanced labs with exceptional technology might have higher expenses though that can make the percentage of successful embryo development and pregnancy increase.
    • Eggs and Sperm Donor Compensation: In case either the eggs or sperm donors are needed for the surrogacy process a certain payment is required to such donor and this comes extra. Screening and surgical procedures help the donor to keep their health as well as provide him/her a monetary incentive. The potential variation in donors and also in catalog selection may also affect cost.
    Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri
    Cost of Surrogacy in Siliguri

    What Facilities are included in Surrogacy Packages?

    Not only surrogacy treatment but the Cost of Surrogacy in Siliguri included multiple other benefits, and those are:-

    Traveling and staying: The support that involves vulnerable financial resources around making all sorts of travel to the surrogacy clinic, the cost of housing while undergoing the process, and occasionally, transport fees.

    Doctor fees:, therefore, include the expenses for the consultation meetings, the diagnosis treatment of infertility, and other patient-care procedures that are provided by an assisted reproduction program supervisor.

    Legal formalities fees: Costs for legal documents including fees for drafting contracts, agreements, and other legal procedures related to surrogacy like attorney fees are also included in the figure.

    Psychologist cost: This embodies the examining and counseling charges of the surrogate mother and parents who seek the children to ensure that these individuals ponder about what their minds and souls will go through in the whole process of surrogacy.

    Surrogate mother’s cost: This can be regarded as a type of fertility compensation that is given to the surrogate mother during her period of pregnancy for acting as a baby carrier for the year of pregnancy (including medical expenses as well as living expenses).

    Test and Treatment: Fertility tests comprising intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), the feminization of the uterus (IVF), or impartmenting are also part of the process: for example, the shotting of sperm or artificially conceived embryo implantationhood.

    Medication cost: This condition includes the fees paid to surrogate mothers covering the provision and maintenance of the health of the surrogacy process and medications such as hCG and progesterone injections, fertility drugs, acupuncture, and prenatal vitamins.

    Delivery Charges: Illustrated here are the maternal expenses – hospital bills, procedures/tests done during labor, and postnatal care are parts of these expenses- surrogate mother and the baby.

    The add-on charges in the Surrogacy cost in Siliguri:- 

    • If required Donor egg or sperm
    • If a surrogate mother stay in hospital , then extra hospital stays fees
    • Care of baby after a birth 
    • medicines is given to improve the weight of baby
    Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri
    Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri

    Financial Transparency at Natural Hope Fertility Centre

    At Natural Hope Fertility Centre, we believe in complete transparency regarding costs. During your initial consultation, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated expenses based on your specific needs and chosen surrogacy plan. We offer various payment options to make this journey financially manageable.

    Schedule a Consultation Today

    We recognize the challenges of starting a surrogacy journey. At Natural Hope Fertility Centre, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. Book a complimentary consultation with our seasoned team to explore your surrogacy aspirations, alleviate any worries, and obtain a tailored cost estimate based on your unique requirements. Let’s work together to transform your dream of becoming a parent into a joyous reality. Contact us at +91 (888) 216-3218 or email to get started.

    Bottom Line

    In this article we have tried to provide full information about Surrogacy cost in Siliguri and what factors affect the surrogacy cost. We cover the surrogacy cost related to all points and prolixity. For your extra knowledge of surrogacy methods, you can check the article. We hope the researchable information has been beneficial for you. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:-

    What is the Cost of Surrogacy in Siliguri?
    The Cost of Surrogacy in Siliguri varies depending on factors such as clinic reputation, type of surrogacy, medical procedures involved, legal expenses, and surrogate compensation. For personalized information, it’s best to consult with a reputable surrogacy center like Natural Hope Fertility Centre in Siliguri.

    Is surrogacy legal in India?
    : The Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, of 2021 prohibits commercial surrogacy. Only altruistic arrangements where women acting as surrogates do not receive any monetary remuneration or compensation are allowed.

    Who is eligible for surrogacy?
    : Eligibility for surrogacy typically applies to married women aged 25 to 35, with a child of their own, and a certificate of medical and psychological fitness from a registered practitioner. Additionally, insurance coverage for 36 months, inclusive of postpartum delivery complications, is mandated.

    Can a single man go for surrogacy?
    : No, according to the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill in India, single individuals, regardless of gender, cannot legally pursue surrogacy. The bill permits surrogacy only for married heterosexual couples who have been married for at least five years and face infertility issues.

    What is the success rate of surrogacy?
    : The success rate of surrogacy is promising, with IVF clinics in the United States reporting up to a 75% success rate for a healthy birth. This percentage increases to an impressive 95% once the gestational surrogate becomes pregnant.

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